When You See the Deliverance of the Lord

November 17, 2016

Isn’t this just like us? God begins a deliverance, perhaps from a personal situation or habit. We become free, but we look back over our shoulder and ask, Did I really make the right decision? Something changes deep inside when you see the deliverance of the Lord. Lips that were once slow of speech and… read more »

Give Thanks and Watch It Change Your Life

November 14, 2016

It does the heart good to give thanks! Who has God placed in your life that has changed your life for the better? Today we begin a series of devotions that highlight people of the Bible who expressed thanksgiving. Through them, we will look at these areas of thanksgiving in our own lives: Who has… read more »

When the World Feels Broken: A Way to Be Still – Psalm 46

November 10, 2016

When opinions collide rather than heal, when our lives are swirling with emotions, it is helpful to remind ourselves to “Be still, and know that I am God.” It has been a hard week. Emotions are raw. Today’s reading seems fitting. When our world seems all messed up, when opinions collide rather than heal, it… read more »

Finding God’s Grace in a Tumultuous World – Psalm 46

November 7, 2016

Not with noise, but in quiet whispers, God’s grace flows into our hearts. And we gain a quiet confidence, because we know our God is with us. How to find God’s grace in a tumultuous world. Some days we welcome the reminder of God’s flowing grace and His incredible timing. Let’s dig into the second part… read more »

How to Know God Is Our Refuge When You Can’t See It – Psalm 46

November 3, 2016

When the rest of life is collapsing, when the freight train is bearing down on us, how can we know that God is our refuge and strength? The air grew eerily still. The sky yellowed. My neighbors said, “You’d better go.” We had been standing in their driveway, catching up on life, an easy-going conversation… read more »

2 Surprising Ways You Can Change the World: The Death of Elisha

October 31, 2016

Who doesn’t want to change the world? We long to know that our lives have meaning. There has to be more to this life than washing dishes, doing laundry, crunching numbers, and selling products. In 2 Kings 13, we reach the end of Elisha’s life, and in this account we find two powerful ways we… read more »

3 Steps for When You Know Something Bad Is Coming

October 27, 2016

Have you ever wept in anguish over what you can tell the future will bring? You are not alone. You might have the spiritual gift of discernment. Even if you just have good gut instincts, here are 3 steps to take when you know something bad is coming. You join a conversation at a social gathering… read more »

What Everybody Ought to Know About God’s Protection

October 24, 2016

We often don’t recognize or understand God’s protection until after the fact. And then to have it followed by restoration? Bonus! From what do you need God’s protection? It was a dream in the making. The kids had left the nest, and now they could go on grand adventures of their choosing. They had been planning… read more »

When You Need Desperate Trust: The Siege of Samaria

October 20, 2016

Can we admit that God’s timing does not seem perfect to us? Very often, God seems late. We have been going through agony, and He has not been there to help us. At least it feels that way. Desperate times call for desperate trust. The mom had awakened her children before sunrise, dressed them in the only clothes they… read more »

A Refresher in Our Study of Elisha

October 17, 2016

We have been digging deep in our study of Elisha. I hope you have been as thrilled at the richness of God’s Word as I have, and I also hope you have found insights and applications for your life. We have watched as God worked stunning miracles and showed great compassion for people through Elisha. He can… read more »

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