Have You Seen a Miracle?

Devotion and Bible Verses on Healing (Why Doesn’t God Heal Everyone?)

March 19, 2018

Inside: Does God still heal? Why does he heal some people and not others? Are you upset that he hasn’t healed you or someone you love?Join us for a devotion and Bible verses on healing. Bonus: Download a printable with Bible Verses About Healing! Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash What do you think about healing? Has God… read more »

How to Follow God’s Voice and Be the Miracle! – Part 2

July 31, 2017

Inside: 4 steps to take so you can be the miracle. Would you like to learn how to hear God’s voice and follow through on God’s nudges? You could be the miracle God has planned for someone else! Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock “There was that voice again, telling me for the umpteenth time this week to give… read more »

How to Follow God’s Voice and Be the Miracle! – Part 1

July 24, 2017

Inside: Would you like to learn how to hear God’s voice and follow through on God’s nudges? You could be the miracle God has planned for someone else! The harsh, demeaning voice startled me as I passed the mom and daughter in the aisle of the expansive grocery store. “You’ll never amount to anything. You… read more »

Have You Seen Generous Love? Feeding of the Five Thousand

July 17, 2017

Inside: Do you know Jesus’ love? Or has it been clouded by the clanging cymbals in our culture or the messed-up situation you are living through? When Jesus fed the five thousand, He wasn’t stingy or self-serving. He proved His love extravagant, generous, overflowing. If you’re not feeling it, read on. We are working on sharing… read more »

When You Don’t Get the Miracle You Wanted

July 10, 2017

Inside: You prayed and bargained and pleaded, but the person wasn’t healed, the heart was not changed. What does it mean when you don’t get the miracle you wanted? I remember attending a dinner party with Arman (not his real name). Arman had emigrated from Iran in the 1970s and had come to know the… read more »

Water into Wine: When You Want to Change for Good

July 3, 2017

Inside: Today in our series about miracles, we look at the miracle of change. If Jesus can change water into wine, what can He change in our lives? It was a Sunday morning, and I, along with people I love, settled in to watch a video of a gifted speaker. That day he expounded on… read more »

Waiting a Long Time for a Miracle? 3 Things to Do and Not Do

June 26, 2017

Inside: Have you been waiting a long time for a miracle? Sometimes it seems like God is never going to come through. Read on for 3 things to do and not to do while you wait. Have you been waiting a long time for a miracle? For a breakthrough in a relationship, healing from a disease, the… read more »

Desperate and Fearful? Brush Up Against Jesus

June 19, 2017

Inside: Have You Seen a Miracle? Maybe you need one. What we can learn from the desperate, fearful woman who was brave enough to touch the fringe of Jesus’ garment. In our series on miracles, I am skipping ahead, because I sense that someone out there needs to hear this today. Is it you? You… read more »

When You Really Need a Parting of the Red Sea

June 12, 2017

Inside: The parting of the Red Sea is one of the most epic miracles recorded in the Bible. What God did then, He still does today. What sea do you need God to part so you can walk through on dry land? Mike H./Shutterstock.com The year was 1987, the era between thermoses and juice boxes,… read more »

Have You Seen a Miracle? When God Writes on Your Heart

June 5, 2017

Inside: Have you seen a miracle? Sometimes God takes our breath away and we stand, arms raised, amazed and humbled at what He has done. Join us as we look at miracles in the Bible and reflect on what they mean for our lives. Today we begin a series on miracles, and I cannot wait!… read more »

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