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When You Need to Know that God Takes Care of Us

September 25, 2017

Inside: Calamities strike and tragedies befall us. How to gain a glass-half-full perspective so you can see that God takes care of us even if you are going through a terribly difficult season right now. Includes a free printable of a prayer of surrender! Photo courtesy of Steven Van Loy/Unsplash I had made a big… read more »

Is Fear Stopping You from Total Surrender to God?

September 18, 2017

Inside: Fear of stepping outside of our circumstances can stop us from total surrender to God. What to do when fear strikes and you don’t know how to surrender. Includes a free printable, including a half-page version! “If God tells you to do something, He has already got it done,” Charles Stanley said in a… read more »

How to Get Better at Surrendering to God’s Will

September 11, 2017

Inside: One of the hardest things in the Christian life is surrendering to God’s will. We have expectations of how things should turn out and what our role will be in the solution, when instead God is looking for simple acts of ordinary obedience. There is hope: We really can get better at surrendering to… read more »

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