Tween Parenting: 3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween!

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I have an article published over at Like Minded Musings today. Lee Felix has gathered the best advice, tips, and encouragement for parenting tweens, those lovely children ages 8 to 12 or so. You know, the ones who are striving for independence, yet won’t let you even think about taking away their stuffed animals.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of a tween, check it out! Here’s a teaser:

3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween

It sounds lovely to be a parent until you are neck-deep in sibling rivalry, the pushing of boundaries, and eye rolls to beat all eye rolls.

So it comes as no surprise that many of the articles I read on tween parenting involve establishing boundaries and setting firm expectations. And yet, I long for more in these parent-tween relationships, as does just about every parent!

I have found great value in saying YES to the tween girls I am helping to raise.

Saying YES to tweens’ requests

  • conveys trust,
  • opens up dialog, and
  • builds relationship. Read more

Come on over to Like Minded Musings to read more!

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  1. […] Thanks, Sara! It is interesting to me that it was freeing to write this post, too. Writing it down helped confirm the importance of saying YES and just spending time with our tweens. I often spend my quiet moments thinking about how I’ve failed them, how I could have handled a situation differently, how I should do this or that in terms of discipline. Sometimes just BEING with them is what they need most, and there’s no self-judgment in that! Christine Drews recently posted…Tween Parenting: 3 Surprising Reasons to Say YES to Your Tween! […]

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