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Jesus Turns Water into Wine: When You Need to Know What God Can Do

October 22, 2018

Inside: Do you need to know that God can make something good out of the bad? If Jesus turns water into wine, what does that mean for us? Photo by Martin Fennema on Unsplash I am about to head into something very hard, and while I should be excited, I feel anxiety and fear. A friend reminded me… read more »

Fear of the Future: Calm Your Fear by Living in the Present

October 8, 2018

Inside: Do you experience fear of the future? Don’t let fear paralyze you! 3 ways to live in the present so you can calm your fear. Photo by Daniel Weiss on Unsplash Last Sunday, I celebrated the 11-year-old’s first communion, then zipped to a bridal shower of a young, godly woman. Before the afternoon was over, a loved… read more »

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